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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Discovery

Our Services

AI-driven Innovation

Our algorithms extract and correlate key information across all datasets, using proprietary neural networks, machine learning technologies and generative AI.

Global Patent Data

Our comprehensive datasets cover patents, legal documents, licensing deals, litigation records, patent valuation, financial and corporate records, as well as chemical, drug and food databases.

Unique Methodology

We explore the adjacent possibilities of the present to generate plausible futures, then we (re)invent from there.

Industry Experts

​Our network accounts for industry thought leaders, influencers, and serial entrepreneurs; they add meaningful insights that help validate and foster our creations.

Our Offering

We nurture practical research ideas and help build, develop, and transform businesses from various industries

Patent Intelligence Services

We provide patent intelligence, patent portfolio, and patent competitor analysis.

  • Patent Portfolio Analytics Pack

  • Patent Portfolio Competitive Dashboard

  • Preliminary Freedom to Operate Analysis Report

  • Preliminary Patent Prior Art Search Report

Innovation Consulting Services

We identify patents that can be re-engineered for use into different industries to co-create competitive advantage with our clients.

  • Novel Ideas Generation Workshop

  • Patent Discovery Workshop

  • Patent Portfolio Optimization

  • Technology Re-engineering Viability Assessment (powered by the Exploratorium)

Academy Services

We entangle international ecosystems by orchestrating their efforts to co-create and leverage technology across industries.

  • Aspiring Inventors Training

  • Invention Thinking & Novel Ideas Co-creation

We Help You Explore and Generate Novel Business Opportunities Leveraging Patent Data 

We use AI-based technologies and a proprietary methodology to accelerate the discovery of inventions in the "adjacent possible" space to generate technology breakthroughs.

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