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Neon Hoop

Our Portfolio

Discover the inventions that were born in our studio and are now on their way to success


Our system and method provide complementary enhancements to existing solutions, improving the accuracy of water drops, increasing their efficacy and enabling higher deployment altitudes with ballistic precision and reducing risks for pilots and the airplane.


Ask Nearby

A software solution designed and implemented as a search engine integration to find information, also thanks to user inputs, in the physical world that cannot be otherwise found online.

QUASY LOGO_squared.png

Quasy Tech

An anti-collision avoidance system powered by AI and Quantum Computing to predict the behavior of space objects and provide you with actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions, minimize risks, and optimize operations.



The Female Inventors of The Future Initiative (FIFI) solution is designed to embrace diversity and inclusion end-to-end. We cooperate with a large and diversified network of experts in order to sustain our serial innovation and to have an impact on a local and global level to reduce inequality of opportunity.

Modern Creative Office

In a strategic move to further bolster its ambitious mission to create 100 compelling companies in five years, Nobody Studios has joined forces with The Adjacent Possible. The Adjacent Possible will provide IP-based initiatives from research on IP protectability of early-stage ideas to intellectual property market information.



Stealth Project

Area of development: AI and Music

Status: In progress


Stealth Project

Area of development: E-commerce

Status: In progress



Stealth Project

Area of development: e-Health

Status: Idea stage


Stealth Project

Area of development: Logistics

Status: In Progress

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