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Abstract Background

Reshaping the world one invention at a time

We explore the adjacent possible of existing ideas and inventions to create patents that will fuel the businesses of the future

We generate ideas that can become patents, products, and companies

We use AI-based technologies and a proprietary methodology to accelerate the discovery of inventions in the "adjacent possible" space to generate cross-industry technology breakthroughs.

Global Patent Data

Our comprehensive datasets cover patents, legal documents, licensing deals, litigation records, patent valuation, financial and corporate records, as well as chemical, drug and food databases.

Unique Methodology

We explore the adjacent possibilities of the present to generate plausible futures, then we (re)invent from there.

AI-driven Innovation

Our algorithms extract and correlate key information across all datasets, using proprietary neural networks, machine learning technologies and generative AI.

Industry Experts

​Our network accounts for industry thought leaders, influencers, and serial entrepreneurs; they add meaningful insights that help validate and foster our creations.

​Learning from patents.
Generating new solutions.

​R&D is a key driver of innovation and is often conducted by companies to develop new technologies or processes that can be patented.

Patents protect inventors and companies by giving them the exclusive right to prevent others from making, using, or selling their inventions.

As a result, patents can be a valuable asset for companies engaged in R&D, as they can help protect the investments made in developing new technologies and products.

However, despite billions of annual investments in technology development and research, it is estimated that around 85% of all patents fail to return from the investment.

Where others see a massive amount of left-on-the-shelf technology, we see millions of semi-structured and well-curated documents that we leverage to generate new, potential breakthroughs.

Our Partners

Are you ready to explore your adjacent possible?

Take your innovation to the next level – contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make the most out of your inventions.

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