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Launched in 2021, with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, The Adjacent Possible is an Open Innovation Studio with a focus on R&D and Intellectual Property (IP). Led by its team’s diverse background in science, technology, research, business, and academia, they help clients exploring the adjacent possible of ideas and inventions to generate patents and products that will fuel the businesses of the future.

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We work with forward-thinking organizations to bring their great technologies to market through cross-industry innovation and intellectual property 


"To accelerate discovery by nurturing practical research ideas and helping build and transform businesses from various industries."

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Get to Know Us

The Adjacent Possible origins followed its prestigious selection and participation in KIUAS, the leading startup accelerator in Finland, and the first edition of the “90 Day Finn” program. The Adjacent Possible team was selected among more than five thousand entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and tech talents from all over the world to live and discover opportunities in the Nordic capital for three months.


The Adjacent Possible journey also includes receiving a set of key innovation-related grants from Business Finland, a public organization under the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and a monetary award from the European Union Space Programme Agency (EUSPA) – and backed by the European Space Agency (ESA) – for the work done on a Quantum-based intelligent collision avoidance system to track, monitor, and predict space debris trajectories in Low-Earth Orbit – better known as “Quasy Tech.”


The Adjacent Possible has also invented solutions that also account for international patent applications pending in the fields of aerial firefighting (Aviogel) and information-based services (Ask Nearby), among others.

Unlocking the adjacent possible

How We Help You Find New Business Opportunities, Amplify the Value of Your Patents, and Unlock Tangible Value From Your Portfolio.


 We provide all services related to patents and innovation. We help:

  • Organizations find new business opportunities by identifying new and additional uses for their patents.

  • Research, tech transfer offices amplify the value of their patents as well as find insights to augment research agendas.

  • Investors unlock tangible value from their portfolio by identifying additional uses for the patents within their companies.

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